Chaos. Compassion. Courage.

Projects with Soul

From little things, big things grow

But first they need a plan, a serious assessment of the needs and desired outcomes, an inventory of the resources at hand (including the intangible ones), guidance around what rules you should bend and where 'good enough' really isn't good enough, lazer-like insight into the potential pitfalls, the courage to invite the inevitable chaos and a cheerleader or two.

It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. It's worth it.
When the chaos of the creative process bears down on you, you will never regret know what you have to throw at it, where you want to go and who has your back. I promise.
I have done this a few times. Prepared and unprepared. No points for guessing which was a more fulfilling ride.

% Integrity & Passion required

% Projects affected by hiccups

% Projects benefit from planning