Chaos. Compassion. Courage.

Projects with Soul


I love facing down the chaos and finding the order in it. Or taking complex ideas with competing agendas and distilling it down to simple, actionable steps that help people.

Chaos is my exploration of the 'how' of creating a sustainable organisation that supports social good.

What I'm learning. How I'm failing. From the trenches, warts and all.


Engagement, Self Awareness, Collaboration are the buzz-words of my generation. Often though the concepts are never executed on.

Because we don't know how.

The culture of process above people robs us of engaged individuals & embodied leaders.

Compassion is my mission to re-humanise our work.


I dread the question "So, what do you do?" Because "I'm a bricoleuse" sounds trite.

The bricoleuse is a specialist in combinatorial logic, a master who creates through playful exploration of what is possible.

She adjusts past solutions, reframes unrelated knowledge to make them bear upon or even redefine the problem at hand.