Compassion. My kids. Equality. Butterflies. Unconventional wisdom. Long flights. Connection. Research. Rocking the boat. Music. Getting past small-talk. Tea. Meditation. Wicked problems. Sleeping in. My feet on the ground in a new city. Reading. Stripes. Chocolate. Courage. Freedom. The power of birth. Over delivering. Bright lipstick and dark sunnies. Singing. Surprising myself. Journaling. Cinnamon & Vanilla. Hugs. Kindred spirits. Art. Staying up late. Philanthropy.

Can I help?

Do you have a project with soul?

Hit me up. My background is kaleidoscopic, and I wear many hats including; strategy, facilitation, social enterprise, administration, meditation, customer service, & events.

If you think I can help shoot me an email. I am open to consulting work and I am always up for a tea and Skype session.

My Work

Professional Summary

The desire to be of service is my main motivator. Though my career began in finance & compliance I have, since a career break to have a family, turned my hand mostly to social enterprise.

I am most impactful facing wicked problems. I thrive where there is a gap or a new way of tackling an old issue. I've applied this solution orientation and entrepreneurial spirit to everything from sales and service, the establishment a charity that provides homeless babies a safe place to sleep, to redesigning the way we work.


Random things about me...

1. My life is liberally sprinkled with compassion, service, impatience, passion & tea.
2. My greatest evolutions were catalysed by bad decisions.
3. I still seek to make 'good' decisions. (go figure.)
4. I am oft described as a kaleidoscope.
5. I see-saw between adoring motherhood & sheer terror that I am getting it horribly wrong.
6. I have been called fearless. I'm not.
7. I am resilient & resourceful.
8. Uni (College) was nothing like Dead Poets Society. I found work a challenging learning environment.
9. My favourite lecturer told me I should be a writer not a researcher. These days I include both in my work.
10. Some days I require bright lipstick to walk out the door.
11. Finding Cosmos in the Chaos is my jam.
12. My perfectionism I inherited from my Dad; my independence & irreverence is all Mum.
13. I began studying religions, spirituality, personal development & leadership at 14. I never stopped.
14. I care deeply about more issues than I can count. Indignity, injustice, cruelty, ignorance & descrimination plain piss me off.